An ultra-limited edition single-ended Class A tube preamp to bring grit and warmth to your rhythm tone and a footswitchable boost to send your leads soaring with harmonic-rich true tube overdrive.

Go from Beano to the Rooftop and beyond with this unique and rare pedal built with the perfect mix of vintage and modern components to add new nuances to your tone.

Only 25 units are being made. Ever. So get yours now before it's gone forever!

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Tangled up in Blue

Sure, the dictionaries will tell you the Italian word for “blue” is simply “blu”, but Azzurro is how Italians describe a perfect sky or an idyllic sea, and the sentimental connection deepens even further when one finds out that the national football team is affectionately described as “la Squadra Azzurra”. Azzurro, as a word and as a colour, runs deep into the soul of Italians.

— And what the hell does that have to do with a thing you plug your guitar into?

The answer is, good music and good craftsmanship come from that same space. Sure, I could be super technical and talk about the specifics of how exactly this pedal works, but I've already written an essay on that.

That feeling is precisely why this pedal is so special to me, and why it is being released as such a limited run. Every component has been hand selected and auditioned. The R&D process alone took over four months to get just the right tone. Every enclosure has decals applied, holes drilled and lacquer sprayed on by hand. Retaining copper rings to secure the tubes are cut and sanded by hand before being attached to the enclosure with high-temperature silicone to make sure nothing shakes or breaks when you're packing your gear heading to the gig. Military-spec tubes that were originally made for fighter jets were specifically chosen due to their tight tolerances and near bulletproof construction. Veri-Tone is a one-man shop and I've spent a lot of my time, energy and heart on this project. Each one of those 25 pedals carries a bit of my Azzurro soul, and I believe that shows when you play through it.


1. Gain
Controls the headroom (and to some degree, the loudness) of the signal. As you turn the knob farther clockwise, the tube will begin to overdrive more.

2. Tone
This is a high-pass filter. As the knob is turned clockwise, it lets more treble through.

3. Level
Controls the overall level of the signal, not accounting for the Boost channel.

4. Boost
Controls the gain of the MOSFET boost stage before the tube. You can use this at low settings for a rhythm tone with more drive and bite, or turn it up for leads.

Adjusting Unity Gain
If you don't have unity gain with the level knob at 12 o’clock, there is an internal trimmer next to the power input jack that can be adjusted up or down to fine tune the pedal's default gain setting.

This pedal must be powered by a centre-negative 12 volt power supply. The choice of power supply is very important since tube circuits in particular are very picky about their power. A fair amount of filtering has been designed into the circuit to account for oscillations and noise, but a good regulated and filtered power supply will ensure a low noise floor even at high gain settings. As this circuit draws close to 500mA once the tube reaches operating temperature, daisy-chaining is not recommended. Switching-mode power supplies are not recommended.