Floria is your new always-on pedal or your best friend for soloing. Floria is essentially a clean boost with very high gain and a high input impedance.

When used as an “always-on” at the beginning of your signal chain, the high input impedance maintains the integrity of your tone, while shaping it gently to round out the bass and give it a subtle but pleasant midrange emphasis.

Instead, when used as a boost, Floria still maintains the clarity of your signal, but with over 30dB of gain on tap, it has more than enough to drive even the most powerful and clean amps into overdrive.

Attention: This is a limited prototype series of only 6 pedals, sold for $250 each.

Sorry, but we’re all sold out. Why not browse our selection of other pedals in the meantime?

Make your tone bloom with Floria!

Available now in an ultra-limited series, Floria will be the new Veri-Tone pedal line.

We are still working on the details of the final version, but 6 lucky guitarists will have the advantage of having a fantastic “always-on” pedal with a high input impedance to keep the integrity and clarity of your signal, or one of the most powerful clean boost pedals in the market.


1. Gain
There’s not a lot to explain here. You turn the knob clockwise, your sound becomes louder. Careful, turning the knob too far clockwise might catch you a drumstick to the head.

Floria can be powered by a standard 9V Boss-style adapter, but for extra headroom you can also power it at 12 or 18 volts. Just keep in mind the polarity (centre-negative).