Obstructed View, an album by Turtle Club | Veri-Tone | Handmade guitar pedals from Milan, Italy
Obstructed View

Obstructed View

Before I was a pedal builder, I was a musician. I don’t tour or gig anymore, but I am still a musician. This album is the result of a good few months of work during (and after) lockdown. Give it a spin if you’re into chill Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Neil Young vibes.

The album was recorded in the office room of my apartment (the same place where I work my day job and build pedals) using mainly vintage microphones. I play all instruments on it and I wrote all the songs. My friends Malaka Records of Seattle were kind enough to put it out, and this is a limited run of 500 on green vinyl.

+ $24.90 shipping.