Point-to-point handwired vintage Fuzz | Veri-Tone Beehive | Handmade guitar pedals from Milan, Italy


If you could pack the soundtrack to a beach party in the 1960s into one small metal case, this would be it. Inspired by the plethora of fuzz pedals that popped up once silicon transistors became widely available, this really is a riot in a box. Hand-built with all period-correct parts, point-to-point wiring and a hand-painted (ish) enclosure, the Beehive is ready to swarm you with the coolest tone.

Current lead time: 2 weeks.

Listen to the Buzz, as it takes on half the world

As the Fuzz nerd that I am, I often spend quite a bit of my time studying different circuit topologies looking for things that are interesting or unusual. The fuzz boom that happened in the mid to late 1960s as silicon transistors became more widely available and gain figures skyrocketed was a very interesting time as random manufacturers seemed to pop out of nowhere and pretty much everyone wanted to have a go at the Fuzz game.

The Beehive takes inspiration from a handful of those more obscure pedals and condenses it in one bumblebee-looking box. The name, by the way, is a homage of sorts to one of my favourite bands (and shameless Fuzzers), The Jesus and Mary Chain. It is all hand-wired point-to-point style using period correct parts such as Tesla and Tungsram capacitors, carbon comp resistors and enhanced with the modern reliability of Neutrik jacks and TT potentiometers.


1. Buzz
Introduces higher frequencies into the fuzz sound, without losing the bottom end.

2. Low Cut
Cuts the bottom end pretty drastically. Pretty cool horn-like lead sound.

3. Level
Controls the output of the effect.

This pedal takes a standard Boss-style (negative centre) 9V DC power supply.