Square wave harmonic tremolo | JFET boost | Brioso | Veri-Tone | Handmade guitar pedals from Milan, Italy


Our take on a variation of Fender’s classic harmonic tremolo, Brioso ended up being more than what I bargained for. Thanks to a nice original JFET preamp circuit, Brioso not only functions as a choppy, stutter-like tremolo, but also as a very useful tube-like boost.

Key components for this pedal are in short supply, so it’s currently being offered as a limited edition of 10 units.

Current lead time: 1 week.

Get to the chopper!

Initially developed when Veri-Tone was still based in Los Angeles, Brioso was meant to be just a square wave harmonic tremolo. Sometimes it even sounds like a reverse sawtooth, depending on how you have the depth and speed set. During this gestation period it was discovered that Brioso’s makeup gain preamp section was in itself a very useful boost, with tube-like saturation thanks to the JFET, which breaks up like a triode. To access this “hidden feature”, simply turn the speed all the way up and the depth all the way down.


1. Speed
Controls the speed of the tremolo.

2. Depth
Controls the dynamic range of the tremolo. Basically how quiet the quiet bits get.

3. Level
Controls the output volume of the pedal.

This pedal takes a standard Boss-style (negative centre) 9V DC power supply.