Handmade Vintage Germanium Fuzz | Veri-Tone Fuzz-Arka | Handmade guitar pedals from Milan, Italy


Named after the Portuguese expression for “an out-of-control party”, this is a new circuit that delivers some classic fuzz tones. Handmade using vintage components (including NOS Germanium transistors and diodes) and power filtering for extra stability, Fuzz-Arka will nail those classic retro fuzz tones while giving you all the reliability and durability of a modern pedal.

Current lead time: 3 weeks.

The Retro Fuzz for the Modern Guitarist

Named after a Portuguese expression meaning “a ruckus or wild, out-of-control party”, Fuzz-Arka is a full Germanium fuzz pedal that delivers on its name. Taking cues from classics like the Tone Bender and Fuzzrite, but with some key differences when it comes to tone shaping, filtering and stability, Fuzz-Arka is still a unique beast.

Fuzz-Arka has been designed from the ground up using new-old-stock (NOS) Germanium transistors and diodes to deliver thick, red-hot bottom end, garage-y buzzsaw mids and a top end that cuts through any mix like a hot razorblade. Other quality parts like vintage Hi-Fi capacitors, Neutrik jacks and TT potentiometers finish off this one-of-a-kind fuzz.

Every pedal is handmade from selected NOS components in the heart of Milan, Italy.


1. Attack
Controls how much fuzz will affect your guitar signal.

2. Bass Cut
When this switch is engaged, the low midrange and bass frequencies are attenuated, giving you a very trebly tone.

3. Level
Controls the overall output of the effect.

This pedal takes a standard Boss-style (negative centre) 9V DC power supply.